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    James Hoffmann's extensive video library about coffee, machines, techniques, etc.

    For those unaware, a coffee guru, James Hoffmann has extensive video library about coffee, machines, techniques and all things coffee. Many seem to respect his knowledge.
    Just do a search while on youtube for james hoffman and coffee ought to get you there.

    I'm participating in his live and global, Cupping challenge in a few weeks. I ordered my cupping coffee supplies and in short time James will live post the cupping where all those who ordered exactly what he is cupping can participate right along with James. Which could be an excellent way for the uninitiated to learn cupping and learn ID'ing the tastes of coffee.

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    I think what he does for our industry is spectacular... do I agree with him 100% - no. But we need to continue to have thought leaders like him, Scott Roa, Hoos, Pete Lacota - anyone that contributed education in our field.



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