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    Flavored Ground Coffee - New Outdoor Air Freshener?

    I recently received a gift of an 8 ounce bag of ground coffee that was caramel sea-salt flavor. Even though I don't like flavored coffees, since it was a gift, I tried the coffee, and I wasn't surprised that I didn't like it. I often like the smell of flavored coffees, but I don't like the taste.

    So …. since I didn't have anyone to re-give an opened bag of coffee to - I sprinkled the rest of the ground coffee outside in the small flower garden that's by my front porch. My two little rose bushes and the rhododendron plant have received a lot of unwanted coffee beans over the years, so I'm not worried about killing them.

    Now, whenever anyone walks by or comes to deliver a package, they say "Wow, it smells like caramel coffee here." It really does. I often forget that I did that, and when I walk outside, it actually smells like caramel coffee. It's been more than a week, and it's rained a few times. I thought the smell would quickly go away, but so far it hasn't.

    I really don't mind having the caramel-scented outdoor air freshener, but I'm wondering how long the flavored smell will last. It's entertaining to watch people's reaction to the unexpected caramel coffee smell.

    ~ Rose

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    Welcome to my world. Been in the business for 30 years now and I can't remember a time when both men and women would joke with me(like it was the first time I heard it). Men always say, "I hope you don't think its weird but you smell REALLY GOOD!" Women say, " OMG you would be in trouble around me or your wife must love being around you all the time" The best was in JAX, I was in a grocery store and this heavy set bagger said I don't know where that amazing smell is coming from but I am going to destroy it! I ran away. If you get flavoring on you it will stay there for a long time...even after a good shower. Our clothes smell like maple syrup even after being washed. People also say that I must not smell it anymore...oh but I do
    "Wine is for aging, not coffee."
    Ken Hutchinson, Starsky and Hutch



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