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    Venti sized Caramel Fraps with 2 extra shots and extra caramel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIC View Post
    coffee as well as tea are often overlooked as health drinks.
    mainly due to caffeins they contain.
    also in many cases, excessive calories,such as about 500 calories from frappuccino.

    so if a person would like to drink coffee for their health (of course, as for the taste also), they should stick to regular brewed styles of coffees? rather than many "so call specialty coffee (which is not)" that are being offered from places like Starbucks?
    I've read and I could be wrong or recalling incorrectly but I seem to remember reading that dark roasted coffees are better for people than other roasts. If you're health conscious, tea is probably the better option. But if coffee is your drink of choice, then definitely stay away from the fufu drinks from Starbucks that are coffee-baaed drinks rather than traditionally brewed coffee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIC View Post
    are they buring the beans because it is just their way of roasting method and style? or are they trying to hide the quality of green beans they are buying?
    Starbucks does over roast their beans, to the point of tasting burnt. Why they do this, I don't know if they really don't know how to roast beans or if they are trying to hide the quality or lack thereof in their beans. One thing I absolutely do not like about Starbucks is that their definition of "dark roast" has become the definition of what a dark roast is for millions of people and a lot of people will not buy dark roasted because they know they don't want Starbucks-type coffee in their cups.
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