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    Any specific coffee mug for a specific coffee?

    I always prepare my first morning coffee with Aeropress.
    and this is the mug I use.
    not only it fits the aeropress pretty well, but mainly because it has the "lip with some angle" so the coffee would not spill out of the mug when you press the aeropress. (which is the main reason I use this specific mug)

    any special coffee mugs for you guys & gals?

    Any specific coffee mug for a specific coffee?-72356809_2487698344847280_278424020922138624_o.jpg

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    Does that coffee cup warmer have its own special cups, or other cups can be used in it also?

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    That's great. Thanks

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    Strange never seen such, but it's cool! Be sure to order myself similar to this



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