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    mike, currently, I am contacting some potential buyers from Australia and here is my email to potential buyers.
    if you read this, you will understand bit more what we do and how and why we do it.
    We are a small specialty coffee coop located in Guatemala. We are mostly working with "Cup of Excellence" farms in Huehuetenango, Acatenango regions to export green coffees. They (about 25 farms) produce very high quality coffee, but just too small in production to export by themselves, so few years ago, we have created a small export coop among our specialty farms.

    We specialize in direct trade with specific farms (you will visit the farms, cup their coffee and speak to the owners directly and even have them process the beans per your quests, such as Honey, Natural, Double soaked, K72...etc ) and selling specialized beans (Gesha, pacamara, maragogype, yellow bourbon, Pache..etc) along with high grade commercial beans.

    Past few years, we used to work exclusively with Veneziano coffee roasters in Melbourne. However, the buyer (Craig Simon) left the company, so we are looking for other clients in your country.
    Finca Potomay & Las Rosas were two of many farms that Veneziano used to buy from us.

    So, if you are coming to Guatemala in next harvest season (Feb to mid April), please let us service you.
    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    PS: Due to very low coffee pricing & harsh situation (no rain, coffee rust), many coffee & corn workers in Guatemala are suffering, so our Coop has created a NGO that help the worker's kids education and helping their lives. We also donate a portion of our proceeding to the cause and some of our customers are also helping us. Haru coffee company in Taiwan, Hockley coffee roaster in Hampton, Ont, Canada..etc.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you.

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    Thanks for the info... it's certainly a difficult supply chain to understand! I know more now but still have no idea how to help

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    If this happens, that is unlikely, because it is grown and selected around the world. It is more likely that the coffee itself as we know it will change, perhaps it will be grown underground or otherwise. The loss of coffee in the world or its lack will cause a big collapse of markets, the world will not be able to prevent this.


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