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    Quote Originally Posted by Cawenil View Post
    It is desirable to store small coffee bags in the refrigerator in an airtight container: an iron or glass jar.
    I respectfully disagree... the challenge with storing in the refrigerator is condensation. It will form on the beans and cause it to spoil faster. Better to simply keep in your airtight container at ambient temps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Musicphan View Post
    The biggest question is - how fresh is your coffee? If you get it the day off roast and throw it in the Mason jar I would say yes, release the gas after a few days. Otherwise, you have minimal risk of anything bad happening with the gas buildup. The purpose of the one way valve is to allow the off-gas does not blow apart the packaging. Always try and buy just want you are going to consume in two weeks.
    Thanks for this advice!


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