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    Storing coffee beans

    Right now I'm storing my coffees in large Mason jars that are dark brown and 99% uv protected.

    I saw on Amazon a jar that was very expensive for its size and it had a CO2 release valve.

    Should I be releasing the CO2 in the jars that I haven't got to or should I just leave it so I'm not constantly opening them. One jar holds a little over a pound so it takes me a couple weeks to use up a jar and move on to the next since a 2 pound bag almost fills 2 jars. But I have 3 blends to choose from each morning and out of each blend I use one jar until its empty then i will move on to the second.

    I'm kind of new to storing like this and actually drinking coffee almost everyday. Before I would buy a 2 pound bag and leave it in the bag and it would take me months to finish it but it usually went bad before I could finish it.

    But in short should I be releasing the pressure on the jars or just let them be?

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    The biggest question is - how fresh is your coffee? If you get it the day off roast and throw it in the Mason jar I would say yes, release the gas after a few days. Otherwise, you have minimal risk of anything bad happening with the gas buildup. The purpose of the one way valve is to allow the off-gas does not blow apart the packaging. Always try and buy just want you are going to consume in two weeks.

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    I find leaving them in the bag they come in works the best, the guys I buy from use quality bags with valves though. I usually have 2 or 3 different beans at any given time so I use little 6oz glass jars so I'm only opening the bag a few times to fill the jars rather than expose the whole bag to air every time I make a cup. I've tried a couple different canisters and while they work it's easier to fill the jars from the bag. So now I stick the bag in the canister instead of pouring the beans in it.



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