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    This is helpful. I agree that you don't want to burn the coffee so let the water calm down before pouring. I use a kitchen scale to weigh my coffee and water and use a 1:13 ratio of coffee to water. So, 23 grams of coffee to 300 grams of water makes me two mugs of cafe au lait or one large mug of black coffee. As you say, brew time is important. 4 minutes tends to be a good starting point. Where I differ is once your done with the initial 4 minute brew. I stir the crust on top and remove the foam and any floating grinds. I then let it sit for another 7 minutes or so. This actually mellows the coffee. Not sure why. And I do not plunge at all. I just keep the plunger at the top of the liquid and use the screen as a filter. Plunging can result in bitter coffee because you can stir up all that stuff on the bottom. There is no need to plunge. This approach has worked for me now for years and makes me some delicious coffee.
    I'll be following your advice here thanks!

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    Leave it longer, if the bitterness isn't solids getting into the cup it's most likely a flat spot beneath terminal extraction.

    I don't really find a big difference in mouthfeel with French press (compared to any other method using a metal filter), my philosophy is: if I can tell that the brew was made in French press due to silt/mouthfeel, I did something wrong I use the one by
    I use 50g/l with dark roasts, but medium/light roasts would be a bit weak for most at that ratio. I also use 60g/l or a tad under for a long steep.
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    Is it true that french press coffee is considered unhealthy?


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