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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmck63 View Post
    Look, there are all kinds of supplements and food products that make claims, some may be true some not true. But do we take them at face value? They sell for $35.00 but offer discounts, look at Kona Coffee it is lot more than $35.00 is it worth it? Like anything depends on who you ask. The low acid I was referring to was directed towards dark roast, which produces a chemical called N-Methylpyridinium which causes the stomach itself to produce less acid. Since yes the PH of medium and dark roast is the same. There is a multitude of health claims all over the internet which came from many studies. Are they true?
    Who knows?
    As I said you are free to spend your money however you would like... I'm not making a judgment about you. However, I am calling these claims out as BS - there make a lot of claims there which are simply not a benefit to the end-user or industry norms. They are charging an exorbitant amount IMO on disinformation and half-truths. The comparison to Kona is not the same... the primary reason Kona is expensive is due to US Labor Laws and minimum wages. US producers have to pay fair wages / 3rd world countries, unfortunately, produce off the backs of hard-working people for pennies per lb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmck63 View Post
    Well I do agree on taking reviews lightly, as they can be altered by other companies fairly easily. Having said that Amazon did give it a 3-star and the 5-star comments were very good. What makes anything better than anything else is preference, what make Honda better than Toyota? Or vice versa? Now I am sure you know that Mycotoxins are mold and, it is acid that affects the stomach and teeth. It is the Dark roast that makes it lower in acid, so I have no idea why you asked that question. Taste is subjective as we all know. What makes Sumatra Takengon the best? Or are you just promoting your local roaster? I don't think I said that it is any better than any other high quality coffee, it is just an option and, we all like options I'm sure. I see you posted on here asking where is everyone? Maybe they are scared to post anything, afraid someone like you will be around to poke holes into anything they post!
    As for reviews, I really dont' care what overall review or rating Amazon or any other online seller gives to any product. I read individual reviews and either discout the ones I think are bogus or from people who just like to gripe about everything and look for those that actually have something legitimate to say. Obviously personal preference is what differentiates things for each of us. But I don't see how comparing coffee beans to automobiles is relevant. Yes, I know that mycotoxins are mold. As for mentioning the effect on the stomach and teeth, I'm just responding to what the roaster of these beans is claiming on his website. So, what I gather from your response is that any dark roast I get would be lower in acid and be easier on my stomach and teeth. No real benefit to Lifeboost on that count then. Why did I mention the Sumatra? Because that's what I happen to be drinking lately and enjoy it. But I'm hardly pushing it on anyone since I didn't mention the name of the roaster who I buy from. I have absolutely zero desire to market anything here and unlike you, I don't get a commission from anyone for doing so. You may not have said it's any better than any other high quality coffee but Lifeboost certainly does seem to be saying that on their website. And you criticizing me for merely questioning the benefit of Lifeboost Coffee is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, don't you think? After all, if you come on here pushing a product, that you would get paid for if someone here buys it, you should have enough of a backbone to be able to deal with some pretty inoccuous questions from people. But your overly defensive response to my honest and legitimate questions shows me your true colors. Thanks for your response. I don't have to poke holes in your post. You did that for me. Thanks again.
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