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    Is anyone stocking up on coffee beans?

    With the coronavirus running rampant all we hear about is people stocking up on toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, water, meat and pasta. But I have yet to read about anyone stocking up on coffee. I have about 75% of my normal monthly allottment of my Sumatra Takengon beans but am worried that we could end up being confined to our residences for some extended period of time. And knowing my wife and son both like decaf, which is also running at about 50% of the amount purchased, I decided to make a run and buy some beans. So I bought another pound of my Bluestone Coffee Sumatra Takengon and a pound of their Columbian Decaf. I put them both in zip lock bags and stashed them in the freezer. Now I am feeling more relaxed that I won't run out of at least one item that makes being holed up in seclusion bearable. Anyone else stocking up on beans during these trying times?
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    No worries here as I home roast and have around 21 lbs. onhand, so enough to get by about 2.5 months. Great thing is my go-to supplier has plenty of greens and said online ordering/shipping will proceed as normal, so once I get down to maybe 5-6 lbs. I will order another 20 lb. shipment.

    On various forums I've read of many online commercial roasters offering discounts, better and even free shipping rates, etc. to encourage people to continue life the best they can.
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    I always stock up on coffeebeans, so I still have 2 months supply

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    The coffee supply will have slight constraints but for the average home roaster, this will have little effect. The supply chain has remained fairly open / certainly some ports have had temporarily shut down but the coffee is still moving. It's a key food supply and from calls, I've been on with FDA/Health Dept every effort to keep food flowing is happening.

    And if you have a local roaster - give them a ring. I'm sure they would sell you green coffee and every penny helps right now.

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    Yes i order mine from lifeboost i get the dark roast beans and they are roasted on order they do have ground coffee too
    it supposed to be the healthiest coffee , Dark Roast is for me because it is easier on the stomach and teeth,
    check out their site if you want, or here>
    Yes I will get a commission if you order but you can order direct it is still same price.

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