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    Help Please: Keurig 2.0 Technical Question

    Hello fellow coffee drinkers. I have a Keurig K250 that I recently had an issue with. When a cup was brewed, water would leak out of the bottom. I tore into it to find what seems to be an air line fitting had broken. It is a funky little 4-way and had completely fallen apart. With no luck from internet searches and Keurig, I took to Lowes to find a solution. Some stainless/brass fittings later i have a "repair". But now when I brew, there are two streams of water... one brewing coffee and the other is plain. It looks like water is coming out of some air vent on the back of the machine.

    My question... Is that vent necessary? The other lines connect to the board. Solenoid, and boiler tank... when I pinch the vent off it seems to brew fine...



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