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    Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine Descaling - Here's a Helpful Tip

    We bought a new Nespresso Vertuo Coffee machine. Makes great coffee. The machine has a warning to indicate when descaling is required. The process is quite difficult. I took my time, following the instructions carefully and still warning light. Repeated the process and still warning. I contacted Nespresso who talked me through the process for a third time. They agreed to collect the machine and three weeks later it was retuned with a note to say they could find no fault.
    Fast forward to today and the warning light is on again
    Once again I carefully carried out the descaling process per the instructions. The warning light is still on.
    I searched the internet for others who may have this issue. I discovered that the descaling process must be completed within two minutes or the system resets to fault.
    I descaled the machine yet again, using only tap water. I completed this within two minutes and warning light is gone.
    Nespresso instruction book does not mention this piece of important information.
    If any others have a Nespresso coffee machine, hopefully this may save you frustration as and when it requires descaling.
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