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    I might be a little too into pour overs...

    Got this Kalita Wave Style for Christmas and I've been enjoying it as well as my V60 drip decanter and Chemex. I have several coffee brewers but I've found that pour overs are definitely my preferred method. I started with the Hoffman method but have been using the 4:6 method a lot lately. Anyone else have some pour over recipes to share or other preferred methods of brewing coffee?

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    Well, I'm a V60 junkie for pour-overs... Usually, start at 17:1 and work my way through the coffee. My second favorite is probably my small Kalita wave... but it hasnt' gotten much use lately.

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    Keep on experimenting - and I think I'd add, too, that it's best to not always use your "favorite" method - just for the simple sake of mixing it up! It also accentuates the methods that you DO prefer

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    I have the 155 dripper and the 185 Style set. The Style set works well as a Chemex replacement, and both play well together in what I call a Kalita 340, where the 155 brews the coffee into a 185 filled with ice.



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