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    Does flavored decaf dark/bold roast exist?

    I love coffee and use K cups. But I need to start having decaf instead of regular coffee.

    I also prefer flavored coffee such as Hazelnut, vanilla, etc but they all come in mild or medium roast which is pretty weak.

    Does anyone know where I can buy decaf bold flavored K cups ?

    I’ve tried the method of using your own grounds but it’s not that good either.

    suggestions ?

    thanks in advance.
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    Why would you stoop down to decaffenated coffee? Just kidding, but I'm curious.

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    do you only use kcups? That could be one of the issues. Dark roast flavored coffee is hard to do because the dark roast hides the "flavor". I do a dark roast dark chocolate and the chocolate shines through...vanilla not so much. I would suggest using a different brewing method and keep an open mind to lighter roasted flavored coffees.
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