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    What do you enjoy, dislike about making coffee?

    Hi guys

    I personally enjoy plunging my cafetiere and seeing the delicious coffee pour into my cup. I like opening a new packet of coffee, breaking the foil seal to reveal the fresh aroma.
    What do you guys think - i'm crazy right? What do you enjoy or dislike?


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    I dislike the occasional times when I mismake my coffee and have to make another cup.

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    I like the smell of the fresh ground espresso for my first cup of the day. I dislike customers that ask for no foam. Textured milk brings out the flavor. How could anyone want that flat tasteless milk?

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    Coffee likes: The warm, cozy feeling you get with that first sip on a cold morning. The welcoming community of coffee drinkers. The way a coffee-run can break the ice with new colleages or stimulate conversation between old friends.

    Damn, I sound like a Maxwell House commercial or something!

    Coffee dislikes: When I forget to clean out the machine and have to toss day-old (or week-old?) grounds. When a store claims to sell "gourmet" coffee and I end up with a mug of black turpentine. Also, bad travel mugs.

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    I love the smell and sounds when it is being transformed into the wonderful drink that it is. I absolutely hate dumping out the old filter if I'm using a drip machine.

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    i hate anything that involves cleaning.

    the worst for me is to clean out my bodum plunger...not nice at all!
    some people have pearly whites.....others drink coffee!



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