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Thread: Back from Italy

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    Back from Italy

    Well I am back, It was fun (most of the time)… The fish made it (but it was only because we know people in customs). I learned about my culture and met my family. The scenery is beautiful there. Its so different from America I didn’t know how to handle it, seems like everyone there is insane… prices there are nuts too lots of things are way more expensive there, but on the flip side some awesome stuff there is like half price from American goods. Well that’s all for now.


    PS. Wikkid good coffee i drank so much expresso and capichino
    J.A. Cambece

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    Ciao, Baby! Di Crema is rising!

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    i think its nice to visit or retire there, but otherwise i dont think i will be returning anytime soon...or atleast not till i start training for the festival...

    J.A. Cambece



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