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    You'd be better off using a grocery store grinder. e.g. that huge bunn grinder. It's more consistent and is in fact a burr grinder. Find a grind that works, and learn what size grind produces the best compromised shots. Or e-bay/craigs list for a burr, or conical, grinder. my $.02
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    tamping does play a part in the quality of the crema, but ive found that if i tamp too tightly, i get alot less crema.

    after extraction, what does your "cake" look like?
    if it has anything to do with the tamping in your case, it would be indicated in how tight or loose the coffee grinds are after extraction.

    but, as the others have said, concentrate on you grind.
    but dont go too fine, otherwise you will end up with not much extraction and also, very little crema. ive timed my extractions and they are very seldom under about 23seconds.

    i can only agree with the rest of the advice given.
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    Quote Originally Posted by void
    Quote Originally Posted by topher
    your using a blade grinder arent you.
    Yes, indeed, I use blade grinder. Is it really so that one cannot grind coffee properly with blade grinder even if grinding for really long time?
    Hey mate,

    a blade grinder produces a VERY inconsistant grind (usually dust around the outside of the mill and coarse near the center). This will cause a huge problem. Believe it or not, you would almost be better of buying a good preground or as someone said earlier, using a grocery store grinder.

    That being said, you can probably get a decent grinder for like $80-$150 on ebay or if you look around.

    I bought a cheep delonghi 16 setting burr grinder and there is a HUGE difference...

    So think of it this way, if you have no crema, then it only gets better!

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    hey again

    also, I would like to put to rest what some of the people above said about tamping.

    YOU HAVE A PRESURIZED portafilter basket! Your tamp should be nowhere near 30lbs. With a pressurized basket you only need a fairly mild tamp. (say about 4-7lbs of pressure, then tap the sides to the middle, and then about 7-10lbs).

    With a pressurized pf basket the water is forced through anyways, too tight of a tamp will restrict the water flow too much.

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    While we would all love to believe in standards(like the 30lb tamp) the fact of the matter is every machine runs differently and every roast extracts differently. This is why we all need good attentitive baristas.

    Honestly I can get good crema at home using a blade grinder if I have to but it takes forever and I have to sift through it to make sure it is the correct fineness. Having said that, if you are going to spend money for a descent machine do yourself a favor and spend the money on a good grinder as well. One of the worst things is waking up to bad coffee off a good machine.
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    Delonghi super machine automatica crema comparison

    My Delonghi doesn't make as much crema with same exact fine grind coffee as when I put an equal amount in a capsule (yes, refilling my own) of my Nespresso Pixie machine.
    This Delonghi is 15 millibars of pressure and the Nespresso is 18 (I think thats accurate).
    The Delonghi spent puck doesn't seem to be has hard packed as the Nespresso puck.

    Just food for thought.


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