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    Re: Hello. I''m new here.

    Hi Jerry! I'm also new here but I guess it wouldn't hurt if I welcome you just the same.

    After all, we are all coffee lovers here!

    And I'm sure a lot of coffee lovers here are connoiseurs too!

    Quote Originally Posted by slightlines
    I''m Jerry from Texas.
    I really like my coffee.
    It''s nice to be here.

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    Welcome slightline

    Ever been to a true espresso bar and had an Americano or a Macchiatto? Once I tasted a real well made Americano, I never went back to the store bought stuff.

    Give it a try sometime...! You'll be glad you did or you'll wish you never had. You'll be one of us that had decided he has to roast, seaching for the original WB, then two, then a Hot top. Then you'll be tell others about it...then you'll have to buy an espresso machine, then a better one...then a roaster...then you'll tell more about it, then they will want coffee from you...then you'll come up with this plan to sell it, ebay maybe, farmers markets, then you'll find yourself in dark parking lots (or you friends kitchen) handing over small bags of fresh roast in exchange for a small handful of money, then more...then you'll be looking for another place to call home.... but you'll love anyway...just like the rest of us...

    just foolin around - really I hope you can find a good espresso bar and start ordering some good coffee...

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    Re: home roasting

    Quote Originally Posted by jlyon10
    Home roasting is the only way to get fresh coffee..
    I find it hard to believe even you believe that line! I buy coffee beans from two New England roasters that UPS delivers to my house within 24 hrs of roasting. Since that is several days before I would even consider opening the bag & drinking it I'd say thats fresh enough.

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    To each his own. I get to roast the coffee the way I like it and the way it taste good to me.
    Jim Lyon
    Jim's Coffee Beans
    relax and roast some beans


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