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    Ads change based on search

    Have you noticed that on this forum, as well as many others, that the ads at the top are getting more specific to YOU based on what you search for on the web? In the past few days I have been researching pre-made huts and cabins to put outside my house so I can go out there and smoke cigars in the winter.

    Now my ads are for pre-built quonset huts?

    Anyone notice this or know about it? Is big brother here and should we be very afraid?


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    Re: Ads change based on search

    Hi Lisa,

    I noticed it too. I was searching for coffee kiosks one day, and all of a sudden most of the ads at the top of the screen were for coffee kiosks. Then, I was searching for wrist watches, and the same thing happened.

    Ever since then, I started clearing out the cookies in my browser on a regular basis. I hate it when "someone" spies on my browsing activity.

    So, did you find a pre-made hut that you liked?


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    Re: Ads change based on search

    No hut yet... turns out I am too cheap, despite all the great deals put before me in the banner ads.




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