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    French Press help

    So, I am new to the French Press and coffee as a whole. So far my method is using about 2/3 cup of beans and use a corse grind. I get the water just below boiling and let it cool for a few seconds. I then pour it in the press over the grounds. I let sit for 2 minutes, stir, steep for 3 minutes then press.

    For some reason I have a kind of watered down taste. Any tips guys?

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    You are using 2/3 cup of beans but you did not mention how much water. There are a LOT of sizes of press pots.
    "Coarse grind" really tells us nothing as well. The grinder is also a factor... and the big AND is, what coffee are you using exactly? And how old is the coffee?

    But basically, if the taste is thin, grind a little finer and then try using more coffee if that doesn't work.

    BUT, I will interject this. IMO, the french press is obsolete. Take a look at the Espro Press. They are about to have a larger model available, and I highly suggest to anyone who likes press coffee to get one. Imagine all the body and rich taste of press coffee with none of the sludge, in a double-walled stainless steel vacuum vessel with a filter system so advanced that you can press the plunger and leave the ground in without fear of over extraction, and the coffee stays hot for a long time as well.

    And before anyone asks, I do not work for them nor do I make anything from the sales of this device. I have the original size unit and it makes a GREAT cup of coffee (when fed good coffee, of course).

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    Burr Grinders work the best when grinding coffee for a press pot. You can get the same size grind with a Burr Grinder. The grinder has an adjustment that allows you to go from fine to course grind. A lot of the cheaper grinders are not really grinders,,, they are choppers, sort of like a blender. You can purchase a hand burr grinder starting at about $50.



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