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    Yet another Newbie Taking the plunge...need help plz.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HOW DO I MAKE IT SO ITS STILL HOT! (plunge coffee)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Hi guys,

    I'm am really taken back at just how great it is making your own coffee. I have absolutely no idea, but took the PLUNGE from a simple grocery store and followed the instruction with some beans I bought.
    Whilst I have a few questions, I really don't want to over complicate things (at this stage)...My issue is with how to complete doing all the right steps and end up with a reasonable HOT cuppa without spoiling it.

    I am referring, to following the instructional part of only... "adding waterJUST BELOW BOILING POINT". I really don't want to have to get a and no offense to those of you who may use wife thinks I am over the top as it is.

    Basically I boil the Jug till it automatically switches off then simply let it cool. Does anyone else do this? IF SO, how long do you wait before you tip it into the plunger...I think I am waiting too long, as by the time I do that and then add the grinded beans only to wait a further 4 minutes before plunging...the end result is a rather mildly warm cuppa. The taste is fantastic and I get much more of a pick me up; but have to admit I am disappointed with no HOT cuppa.

    I decided not to use milk because of this, however was surprised at the fact I did not need any with the coffee tasting awesome without now I don’thave milk in such a coffee...I only use one sugar and am thinking I will skip the sugar now as well.....I just wish I could get the process down pat before the coffee loses too much heat is all.

    I have an Italian friend coming over who loves his coffee and I don't want to disappoint.

    I've got other questions on how long to grind and so forth, however I first have to get some pointers on serving the damn coffee HOT to begin with.

    ONE last many cups should I restrict myself so I cancontinue to enjoy the Buzz...should I be having coffee free days to keep myself from being desensitized or do your mix the strength on different days or both.

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    I just made my miday coffee and I'm loving it!!! I will try the tips at the following link to see if I can get it hoter without spoiling the beans
    search string is "Learn how to make great plunger coffee " in Google... (can't put in LINKS just yet. )
    To hell with it...I'm going to make another...Seeing as I am just learning and all

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    Theresponse is overwhelming...Atypical of coffee shop attendees no doubt...LOL atleast the coffee I'm making is good enough for me. Enjoy the Toffee peoples, Ithink some of you have toffee dripping off your noses....Justkidding...hahahaaaahhahaaahaahahaa. Don't mind me, I'm just going to pass wind before I leave...hows them beans



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