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    What's wrong with my technique?

    This is how I do coffee: I buy whole beans, grind them myself very finely, then boil the grounds in a pot of water on medium heat. I then run it through a simple French press. I would have thought that this would yeild the strongest flavour, but it doesn't seem to come close to the coffee I get at chain shops like Second Cup, etc. What should I do differently to get a richer, bolder flavour? What am I missing?

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    Your technique is a bit off.

    You never want to boil the grounds. Ever.

    Bring water to a boil.

    Remove from heat.

    Weigh (measure) coffee beans and grind.

    Grounds in press.

    Water (just off boiling) in press.

    3-4 minutes.


    empty contents of press into cup or thermal carafe. (leaving in press will continue to cook the grounds)

    John Piquet
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    Hi Drewski,

    The only thing I'll add to John's excellent comments is to try some alternative "machines". Everyone's tastes are different and you'll get dramatically different flavour profiles from a Bialetti Vs French Press Vs simple filter pour over (remember to pre-wet!). The great thing about a lot of home coffee is thatthe machines don't have to be expensive and you can enjoy a range of styles.

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    If you are looking for rich rich rich coffee..get yourself an ibrik and make turkish coffee. Like John said you never want to boil coffee...unless you are making Turkish coffee. You bring it to a slow boil..the slower the better. Once it starts to boil and rise up in the pot remove from heat and wait till the coffee lowers in the pot. Repeat this 3 times and then pour in a demitasse cup. Pour it slowly and most of the finely ground coffee will stay in the pot. Drink it slowly and the rest of the grinds will stay at the bottom of the cup like sediment. Turkish ground coffee is baby powder fine...I don't think you will find a richer cup of coffee.
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    This is great advice, thank you all. Tomorrow, I finally have a day off, and I'll give these techniques a try first thing in the morning!

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    I use packets of coffee. First I put coffee into a mug and little milk into it then beat it till it turns into black or red in color. On the other hand in case of hot coffee, I boiled milk and then put that bated coffee into it and in case of cold coffee I put it into the milk. The coffee is ready for you.
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    You want cream and sugar?



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