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    Question New Grinder or Hario Vacuum Pot?

    Hello fellow coffee drinkers,

    I've been coming to this site for a while now, and have learned a lot by eavesdropping on your discussions. Frankly, I was content to be a fly on the wall. Until today. Now, crippled by indecision, I emerge from anonymity with a question. Any and all advice is welcome.

    First, a bit of the backstory. I'm a law student, so coffee is a necessary part of my existence. That said, I appreciate a good cup of coffee. In fact, I take my coffee black, because . . . well, I'm not sure why, but I like the taste of it. I mainly use chemex, moka pots, and the aeropress. Good fortune has left me with a little bit of extra cash to throw around.

    Now, as much as I want to buy a new espresso machine, it's just outside my budget. My first espresso was had at upscale italian cafe in Florence, and my appreciation for a good shot grew when I studied in Madrid last summer. My budget limit is ~$200-300; not enough for espresso.

    I'm debating between buying (1) the Baratza Virtuoso 586 (I understand this model has been upgraded with the same burrs as the Preciso model) and a French press; or (2) a Hario Siphon/Vacuum Brewer and a less expensive grinder (e.g. the Maestro Plus or Bodum Bistro).

    Some considerations:
    1. My only grinder is an old blade grinder that I hardly use. It is a complete piece of garbage.
    2. I really like French press coffee. I've never had vac pot coffee.
    3. I am very intrigued by the vac pot brewing method. It appeals to the mad scientist within me.
    4. Feel free to suggest products that I haven't considered.
    5. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say, but please try not to club me over the head with the fact that I don't have a nice grinder yet. I only dubiously entertain the argument that a quality grinder cannot be had for less that $200.


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    Most say vacuum highlights the delicate flavors a coffee has to offer as well as being a very "clean" cup with superb clarity. Sounds like it's the ultimate way to the purest cup.

    Personally I've never had vacuum or press pot, so can't comment on either. Always had a fascination with espresso and strongly believe it's the ultimate and most challenging form of coffee.

    I'd say get the best grinder you can for the time being and accessorize when you can afford to do so down the road.
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    I'm huge on vacuum brewing.... easy, fast enough to do every morning, and taste is unbeatable. I have no grinder... I just grind it at the grocery/liquor store on the one step below coarsest setting. I did have to try a few filter options and ultimately fashion my own when I switched to my latest vacuum brewer.Vacuum coffee maker: modified filter tech from electric to stove top Bodum Santos



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