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    Question A little latte making Question. Before adding milk the color is bright.

    Hello all, i'm a bit new to making cappuccinos and lattes. Recently i brought out an old espresso maker and i tried to make a latte this morning, it came out like a cappuccino. So i looked up how to steam the milk correctly and i found out how. Now while watching the videos i noticed that the freshly brewed coffee with no milk had a lighter color to it (Heres a video of what i mean ). Before they even put the milk in, the coffee already is bright. Does anyone know why? Thanks in advanced

    -Vinny P.

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    Hi "loserman778"

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums!

    I wasn't able to see the video that you tried to share.

    What do you mean by the espresso coffee already is bright? Do you mean the light color (which is called crema) that's at the surface of the espresso shot?

    Take a look at the photos on this webpage.

    Does the espresso look like any of them? Is that the "bright" look that you're describing?


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    Yeah the only thing I can think of in reference to what you're talking about is the crema. Good espresso shots will have a blonde crema in the middle of the pull, which is a good thing. The end result should be an ochre yellow-light brown. When the shot is pulling it should finish in around 26seconds (depending on the kind of espresso machine you use that could vary). Hope that helped a little bit?

    Rose- That link is VERY helpful. I have trouble sometimes setting the grind on our espresso grinder and I think that little chart will be of use to me. Thanks!



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