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    For me, i think a lot of marketing on the site is required like email marketing, social media marketing. By the way, is your site working? I tried open but it seems like there are nothing on the site.

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    More than 6 years later... how did your websites work? did you achieve your goals? Are loaded and retired? Please share!

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    I've never had an experience of running a coffee-related website but I have a blog about 4-wheelers. Overall, the strategy is the same, you have to be aware of web-development basics as well as product promotion. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by expat View Post
    We're ready to open a web store. I'm looking at doing some Google advertising, maybe Facebook as well to get traffic. I'm thinking about just keeping it simple and having people send me an email listing the coffee they want. I send them a PayPal invoice. They pay. I ship.

    But there is not as much immediacy in that as opposed to a store where you fill you shopping cart and pay. That way there is less time to think about not going through wth a transaction.

    What do you think for just starting out? Test the waters with the slower, multi-step scenario or go ahead and put up a store?

    If put up a store I'm thinking about Wazala as the software for the store. Does anyone have experience with that or would you recommend something else?

    Finally I've done a lot of Google advertising in past lives but have no experience with Facebook advertising. Has anyone got any insights on one versus the other and how effective Facebook is or can be?
    It would seem to me that with so many options out there for buying coffee with most of them having a virtual store where you select the items you want, put them in your cart, pay, and then they are shipped, that your proposed approach is actually more difficult for people. You want them to send you an email? It's not going to happen. First, if I were a buyer of coffee and I came across your website and had to send you an email the first thing that would cross my mind is "They can't be doing too much business this way" which makes me then question whether the website and seller is reputable. My own advice is that if you are going to open an online store, then open an online store. Just my two cents, which is probably what it's worth.
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    I think that activity and advertising on Instagram can help you a lot


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