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    Quote Originally Posted by KonaKona View Post
    Agreed it's frustratingly slow. I have just removed all the animations and may have to split the information up on pages rather than having a continuous flow. Thanks for checking it. I am continuing to work on getting it faster.
    KonaKona, if you need IT assistance for your website and hosting infrastructure, I'm an expert working in the field and I can surely give you great advice.

    Keep the good works!

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    Thank you Javanize. I designed the bags myself and had them printed at roastar

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    Quote Originally Posted by KonaKona View Post
    Hi everyone,

    we we are starting up a subscription site to highlight Kona Coffee growers. I would love any thoughts or critique you may have.
    Your site which was built with Wix is very nice. However, to boost sales, i think you should think of adding affiliate functions which can be built with Commission Junction (aka CJ) and also put your coffee for sale on Amazon stores. It will work effectively. These sites are very powerful and easy to be found on internet by Google search. Not only that, many other affiliate site will repost your coffee products on their sites to generate sales and earn commission. Like our site (, we are working with CJ to paste some links of on our site. Not only that, we are also an Amazon Associates.
    Most importantly, when you put coffees on Amazon, for example, you can gain more trust from potential customers as these sites are quite well-known and trusted.
    When you site grows, I suggest that you think of moving your site to Magento or Shopify as those two sites are more powerful for bigger webstores.
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    ---I'm chief editor of a coffee blog which focuses on coffee products & coffee reviews. Like you, I love coffee .


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