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    Arrow The Website of the Barista Life Community

    Hello All!

    Wanted to share the link to the Barista Life Community Website! It's a great resource for baristas to read some guides, user submitted stories, stay up to date with barista-news, and get some good laughs from their posts! It's also a useful tool for coffee drinkers to get an idea of what it's like to be a barista and to learn some new insights into the coffee industry.

    www [dot] TheBaristaLife [dot] com

    Leave us a comment with what you think! Hope y'all like it

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    Hello "BaristaLife"

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website!

    I enjoyed exploring the Barista Life website, and I plan to take some time to explore it further. Some of the posts made me laugh, and after a hectic day, it was a welcome distraction.

    Thanks for sharing the website with us.


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    Overall I enjoyed the website. The animations did get to me though, there were way too many in my opinion and they should get scaled down. Smooth scrolling will help, but it felt like things were flying around on me and I was unable to focus.

    The content, pictures, pricing, etc, looks stellar. I wouldn't change those items at all.

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    Really a Good website. Barista never been boring.

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    Cool website but the font size is too large. Everything is taking up too much space. A little of arrangement is needed otherwise a fine website.

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    Nice looking website yes, but my honest opinion is that it is a thinly disguised attempt to profit off visitors to the site. Comparing to, there is a feel that the developers of are more about converting hits to sales than imparting knowledge and promoting a sense of community among baristas. You may not have asked for brutal honesty, but that is what this is.



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