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    Quote Originally Posted by ensoluna View Post
    SOC means single origin coffee which you are currently selling....

    It is quite noble to donate 20% to U.S. Veterans community to helps others who really need help.

    But, regards to fair trade & organic, please study bit more about this subjects via web and also here in forum.
    I also made a lot of threads about FT and Organic beans. And honestly, these organizations are making the lives of coffee workers' families worse.

    I have a first hand experience from our own farm in Zunil, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and also I work with many different coffee farms in all different regions of Guatemala since we (Ensoluna S.A. Guatemala) are a small specialty coffee exporting company that owns a couple of small farms, two retail shops and one roasting company in our city. So, I personally know how bad FT & Organic bean organization can be to coffee farmers.

    so, please do some more research about these subjects. you will be very surprised what really are behind them.
    I most definitely want to learn more, and that's the info I need to hear so I can really figure out how to take the next steps.

    My goal is to direct source every single coffee and tea we sell. Starting small and grassroots, our strength (and money) is only so big at this point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OkyrieRoyale View Post
    For sure! Are you going to CoffeeCon in LA this weekend? We're attending as guests.
    sorry, I won't be going. I know the most of roasters attending there already. thanks for asking.


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