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    I agree 100% with your post JRMobile. My posts were condensed for the sake of time and typing. You are correct that there are no set rule or guarantee that any ONE thing will make people buy. and you do have to try different things and method.

    Now, I am big on numbers and do believe they will tell a story. (here we go ) I read the reviews on Amazon before I purchase a product and out of about 100 products that I have purchased over the years, I have only been burned twice where the reviews were 4.5 or higher. Then I later discovered that I was burned on the products that had just a few reviews like less then 10 while the rest were well over ten.

    On my blog (which shall remain nameless because I am on CoffeeForums BlackList) I just talk about coffee, coffee related products and other stuff to break up the monotony. I will link certain words that has the potential to make a sale as I determine them to be, and if anyone clicks on it, usually mean that the interest is still there as I did not say click here to buy or any such thing. The potential buyer is now poised to buy and there really is a 50/50 chance that they will as oppose to no chance because they have no way to get there.

    Nonetheless, your post was WELL RECEIVED and I truly thank you for posting!


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