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    Fact Finding Missions

    My daughter is passionate about all things coffee. I joined this forum in the hope that I can gather information on classes/courses she can do so that she can eventually have a career in this area.

    If anyone has any suggestions, hints, tips or advice, I'd be delighted to hear them.C

    We live in the Seattle area.


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    Hello and welcome to the forum Edel!

    Good luck to your daughter!

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    Hello "edelrogers"


    How old is your daughter?

    Has she told you what type of coffee-related career she is interested in? (roasting, owning a cafe, coffee equipment, barista, etc?)

    It's great that you're trying to help her.

    Have you tried searching on-line? There is a lot of information available. For Example:

    Events & Education - National Coffee Association
    Midwest Barista School - Barista Training + Coffee School




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