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    Greetings from this roaster!

    Hello everyone!

    As the name suggests, I am a coffee roaster and have been working in the specialty industry for around four years. I was previously on the green coffee side of things before changing paths to follow my true passion, production roasting specialty coffee. I roast, I brew, and I even build some roasters for use on our stove top that may, or may not, 1) work and 2) Meet my wife's approval. I enjoy tinkering, quite a bit actually, and am right at home taking something apart and putting it back together again as I am brewing in a chemex. I currently roast on a San Franciscan 6LB and a Probat L12.

    Outside of the coffee, I hike extensively, love to read about roman history, and snow shoe when hiking is not conducive to the weather outside. I look forward to learning from everyone, discovering new coffees and roasting techniques, and contributing as best I can.

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    Welcome and enjoy.... It will be fun and love having more experts here

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    Welcome aroaster83;
    I think you will find this forum as beneficial to yourself and I think with your background you can add to this forum.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

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    Hello "aroaster83"

    Welcome! Thank you for writing such a nice introduction.

    I particularly enjoyed reading the part about how you love to tinker. It's great that you can take things apart and put them back together. The maintenance man in the cafe where I work often asks me to help him when he takes things apart for repairs. He showed me how he labels or draws pictures of pieces as they're removed so it's easier to put them back together. It's always rewarding to see something go back together and actually work after it's fixed.

    We've recently had a lot of interesting discussions regarding roasters, roasting, bean selection, etc. I have a feeling you'll be jumping into the discussions very quickly.




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