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    Intro Thread

    Hello there everybody, my name is Hank. I've only recently begun experimenting with different brewing methods, and thought I'd join a forum as this particular method of information exchange seems to be the most efficient. And, chances are people have already asked every question I could have. Other forums I've been a part of require that you introduce yourself, and so I imagine the etiquette is no different here.

    As far as how I've brewed coffee - I started with a french press, but recently was given a Moka, which is fantastic for making an espresso-like roast (I've read the wikipedia page and know there is some argument about whether it qualifies as espresso, to be safe I'll just refer to it as the general catch-all, coffee.) and cuban coffee (which I adore).

    I've experimented with cold brew methods some. I've recently read about vac/siphon brewing, which seems to be quite the visual spectacle but having never tried it I haven't the slightest idea about how it compares with other hot-brew methods.

    I'm kind of cheap, which is one of the reasons I love cuban coffee so much - a $3 bag of Pilon and some sugar will give you all the energy you need. I've been interested in cold brew methods however as there's nothing so good you can't make it better, and I'd like to try some combination of cold brew and sugar to simulate cuban coffee with a bit more caffeine. But research must first be done! I plan on lurking primarily. That is all.

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    Welcome aboard.
    We all love coffee including Cuban coffee. There are many different types coffee and many different brewing method including cold brew. But there are many of us would twitch when someone say cheap coffee is great. If you actually try to make cuban coffee with some of the better roaster beans, you would actually appreciate the coffee more. You can also try Vietnamese Coffee. They are great way to enjoy cold iced coffee.

    IMHO, one of the best way to brew coffee is by using Siphon Vacuum. It will give you clean, flavorful and lovely aroma way the coffee should be enjoyed. Of course there are aeropress, Chemex and other great brewing method out there which I would rate them 9 -10 out of 10.
    But I would strongly suggest to try freshly roasted local coffee. I will assure you it will be a great treat.


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    Hello and welcome to the forum Hank!

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    Hello Hank,


    We encourage you to lurk around the Coffee Forums as much as you want! There is a lot of useful information here, as well as plenty of people who know a lot about the "world of coffee."





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