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    Hello Coffee Forums,

    I'm so glad I found this community. I have been reading many topic on the forum in the past few days and I'm impressed with the quality of the information, the people are sharing and with how open and transparent people share their knowledge about the coffee itself and also about the business side as well.

    I'm from Montreal, Canada and I'm working to start a new online business to sell high quality authentic coffee and specializing in Indonesian coffee. This project was motivated mainly because I have family in law in Indonesia and I were very surprised about the quality of the coffee I were drinking there. Also, I found some local roaster that offered product unknown in Canada. Like coffee aged 8 years and roasted 8 hours, using the same traditional method as when they opened in 1932. This make a coffee with a rich and delicious taste with almost no bitterness. (my type of taste).

    I also have good contact in Indonesia that are very knowledgeable about Indonesian coffee and know plantation that offer an unusually better quality of coffee beans. Also, I have access to remote village small plantation that sustain themself with the coffee plantation that would fit very well for a market of organic fair trade coffee.

    My goal is to help local producer get a more fair price for a better quality production and helping remote community improve their life. I also love Indonesia and its people and I'm very passionate about sharing everything about this wonderful country with people around me and I hope I can help people discover more about Indonesia through the coffee business.

    As a new person to the coffee world, I have a lot of questions to ask. Of course I'm facing challenge opening my business and I'm making beginner mistake like trying to import 20Kg of coffee and facing a shipping cost that cost twice the cost of the coffee itself.

    I found very valuable information so far on the forum and it will help me avoid making big mistakes.

    Can wait to share more with the community soon.



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