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    Hello from East TX!

    I'm looking around at coffees. Decided to try this site and do some searching. Never really got into coffee till recently. Having a tough time finding good coffee.
    What I have tried is Dunkin Doughnut, Starbucks and Community coffees. Beside Folgers and Maxwell House. Bascially for me it either tastes like Folgers Resturant coffee or burnt and oily like most Starbucks. If I go with a medium or blonde roast it comes across as my mother-in-law would say "one bean coffee..tie a bean on a string and drag it through the pot".

    So I keep looking. Trying for good flavor without it being burnt, acidic or oily. Also might look into roasting my own. I have tried so called "Spicy" "Chocolate" and "Sweetened" coffees and still come across as burnt.

    I'm using a Keurig maker and well filtered water also.

    So Hi everyone and off to the searches I go.

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    Hello Kreitoc. Welcome! If you truly want to explore good coffee, my advice would be to buy a good coffee bean grinder; a burr grinder is better than a blade grinder, but lots of coffee folks started with a blade grinder. If you do this and post a picture of it, I will send you a reusable Keurig filter that was given to me by a customer, but I don't have a Keurig and never will. This will at least get you started on the right track where you can purchase whole bean, grind, then brew in your machine. Then you may want to pick up a pour over cone like the Cleaver...which I don't own as I prefer a french press. In any have stuck your leg in quicksand. Just go with it!!



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    Thx. I've been reading up on how the old time grinder Mom used that clamped to the countertop would be an interesting start. I'm leaning towards trying 'Adding' flavor to the beans. This sounds like fun to me. Store bought always seems a gamble to me.



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