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Thread: New from Japan

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    New from Japan

    Hi all,

    I'm new in the coffee world and started to drink coffee around 3 years.
    Mainly I got influence from my wife whereby she is a coffee drinker.
    I'm a black coffee drinker (drip), sometime latte or flat white, espresso
    But I still love the black coffee or espresso.

    I'm slowing looking for nice coffee and exploring some around some nice cafe in Tokyo.

    Recently, I just invested and start Hario Syphon Coffee Maker.
    I am still learning to drew my own coffee and enjoy with my lovely wife.

    If there have any advise please let me know.

    Thank you and have a good day and weekend.

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    Hi Ensoluna,

    I tried it last weekend and took me to slow prepared to ensure everything is in place and timer too.
    My first attempt was a little mess up at the last 1 min of waiting time my fame when off around 30sec after I needed to wait for 1mins.

    But overall the taste didn't turn out that bad and I really love it.
    I am very happy with it and willing to spend a little more time to make a nice and good coffee.

    life is short and Coffee needs time to prepare and enjoy.

    but next time I will need to check and make sure I have enough fluids to complete the whole brewing process.

    I will checkout "John P".

    Thank you so much for your advise!

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    Hi, I'm from Canada. What an international forum!



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