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    Quote Originally Posted by Musicphan View Post
    I suspect residual acids (vinegar)... I would first run multiple batches of water through your brewer.
    Thanks for the tip. If you would've read my post completely, you wouldn't have missed the fact that I did run not just "multiple batches", but in fact several gallons of distilled water through it; "I ran several cleaning cycles with recommended cleaning tablets, followed by a couple gallons of alkaline and distilled water." That translates to several dozen cycles...

    Quote Originally Posted by JSACoffee View Post
    In know you rinsed it, but there is still vinegar in there somewhere. Try this
    Quote Originally Posted by JSACoffee View Post
    :. Take a small cup of any coffee and put a drop or two of vinegar in it, and stir. Now add your milk. It will curdle. Takes a very little bit of vinegar to curdle dairy in coffee.

    Thanks for the response, yes that is true. If there is
    some residue in my machine, I don't think I will be able to get it out through the regular cleaning cycles. I think I might have to take it apart and meticulously clean each of the components. I will also be able to search for a source of the strange sound I've started to hear.

    Of course, thanks for your response, Rose!

    I will keep you updated once I've tried to make another
    cup of cap.

    All the best,



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