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    Greeting from a Musician and a Beginning Coffee Fan

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to introduce CoffeeMusic, myself. That is right, coffee and music are my thing but the music part came before the coffee part. Ever since I started piano, I knew music was going to be apart of my life. It lead my to learn to play the drum kit in high school, percussion, and my main instrument, the steel pan. I currently play in a steel band ensemble called the Sunshine Steel Band and I play mainly as a solo artist with Island Soulf Productions. I love doing it as I have lots of fun playing a unique instrument that not that many people know about(I still play piano, hand percussion, and drum kit). Along with my music experience I graduated with a degree in music production at the same school I learned to play steel pan. it is a blast.

    Now we can't forget about the coffee part of CoffeeMusic. This part started only a few months ago by complete accident. I had randomly search for coffee places and found somewher close by that people seemed to love from the reviews. Before then, I was the guy who would have walked into Starbucks and ordered my usually coffee not caring about what kind of coffee it was. After that experience at my special coffee shop, I now know about single origin, the basics of an espresso machine, Turkish coffee, why I love pour over, why whole beans are better than pre ground coffee etc. I've even considered buying an espresso machine or a pour over with a grinder for home to learn to make coffee and I make cold brew at home.

    So that pretty much sums me up, a musician with a huge passion for special coffee.

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    I found out about this forum after registering with the SCAA looking to find like minded people.

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    its humanity dude

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    Being a musician and a coffee fan it is the best matching you can ever be. I believe that art in general has a different appearance while consuming caffeine. I started to play piano since I was a child at the best Centre in Singapore. I’m very grateful to Piano Lessons In Singapore by LVL Music Academy because they developed my skills and taught me how to play it better and better every day.
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