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    Hello fellow coffee lovers

    Hi! my name is ToastyBean, i love coffee. More than your average coffee lover. I have tried hundres of different beans and now my goal is to start recording them. I am planning to have a massive sheet where every coffee bean ive had will be recorded. I like my coffee black. I perfer the intense tastes of dark roast but any roast is good. I find coffee to be an advanced under rated world of flavor. There are many kinds of coffee and they all have their own unique taste and tones. I look forward to talking to all of you! -ToastyBean

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    Welcome, ToastyBean

    I can see how it would be beneficial for you to keep a list of all of the different coffees that you've tried and what you've liked (or not liked) about them.
    After trying so many coffees, it would be very easy to get confused or maybe not be able to remember which ones you liked and which ones you didn't like.

    ~ Rose



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