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    I thought there is already a name for it: French Roast.
    But it will be too bad if it's already french roast.
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    If taste is your concern, your best bet is to store coffee in an airtight container somewhere cool, dry, and dark. Stored this way, ground coffee can be used for a few months past its expiration date, whole bean for up to nine months, and instant coffee for up to twenty years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoonRivo View Post
    , and instant coffee for up to twenty years.

    Up to 20 years??? Did you read that some place on the Internet??

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    take a small amount of coffee and grind it finely.
    then, smell it.
    it has a pleasant aroma, not like ashtray, then you can drink.

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    This discussion is so subjective it has me laughing one second, and cringing the next. Oh MY!! Too many variable to have a generic discussion. All I know for sure is that if someone is given a bag of coffee with a roast date on it and no other would be impossible to know if the brewed beverage is even drinkable. A case in point. I was in Guatemala with my good friend Alex (BIC). Alex took me to a bakery one morning for breakfast...Xelapan. Amazing aromas and baked goods just screaming to be consumed with a good cup of coffee. I recall having been interrupted by Alex while ordering coffee. Alex said, "You don't want to do that Doug!" "Why not?" I asked. "Because it is very bad coffee...really, really bad coffee." "How bad?" I asked. He then explained that in most of the restaurants in Guatemala, the coffee is brewed from defective beans removed during processing of greens for export...or at least a fair percentage of the "blend" was such. I decided that I had to experience this for myself...yes, it's kinda like getting punched in the gut, but at least you can speak from experience about how it feels, or tastes in this case. Knowing expiration dates or even roast dates alone will not provide an answer as to the experience one will have with the brew. That's all I'm going to say about!


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