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    New coffee fan joining

    Iíve always been a coffee fan but coffee has seemed to change.
    Columbian in the 80ís used to have a unique flavor but maybe beans or where itís grown has changed.
    I joined the forum for some insight on a good coffee maker and where to get some quality beans.
    I think my posting is limited for a while but Iíll read a few threads and see if I can pick up some tips.

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    Hello, I am also a big fan of coffee. I will be glad to chat.

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    Welcome... one thing about Colombian coffees is they have different tastes depending on the region they are grown. Granted they will all taste similar since they are grown in the same region but there are differences. For example, my personal is central Colombian coffee - from the Tolima region. They tend to be more balanced coffees / mild acidity/touch of sweetness. A LOT of people prefer coffee from Huila which tends to be more acidic. Here is a good reference:

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    I will admit that years ago I thought "local roaster" was where snooty people bought their coffee, until I bought some locally roasted coffee. Honestly I don't even pay attention to what beans they are using, I just want the person roasting it to care about what they are doing, you can taste the love no matter the bean they put it in. Of course time and experience may change my taste but right now I just want it dark.



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