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    Hello all. I am your average American brought up on filter and dripped grocery store coffee. I lived in hawaii for almost a decade where I learned that coffee can ACTUALLY be the "best part of waking up" or "good til the last drop" when I bought my first bag of 100% kona. Then I started grinding my own. Then on a backpacking trip I decided to make cowboy coffee which was so great despite it's grit that it led me to the French press. Ive since traveled the world a lot for work, and recently I picked up a moka pot here in italy and that's what led me to your forum. I expect soon I'll be foaming milk for cafe latte or cappuccino for the wife when I get home, where I will have to figure out how fine to grind the beans from my local roaster. Coffee used to be a part of the routine like tying my shoes, but now it's an adventure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitecrown View Post
    Coffee used to be a part of the routine like tying my shoes, but now it's an adventure.
    Hi Whitecrown,

    Welcome to the Coffee Forums website.

    It is always fun to read how coffee has become "an adventure" for our Forum members. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    If you ever have any questions about grinding your coffee beans, etc. Feel free to post them. We have a lot of experienced coffee adventurers here on the Forum.

    ~ Rose

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    Hi dear,
    I really appreciate your kind offer. I hope, I would be share my experience with all of forum member's.




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