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    Christmas is Coming! Quick! Only 40 some odd shopping days left!

    Well, Christmas is fast approaching and of course it's always brought up that there are only X shopping days left..

    Has that what Christmas has come down to? Who gets what, who gives what, and what cool new thingamajig was under the tree this year? I kinda feel that Christmas is more and more becoming a "gimmie gimmie", "buy buy buy" sort of holiday...

    Whatever happened to just being around friends and family, having a cup of coffee and telling Christmas stories? Does anyone even know Christmas stories anymore?

    Sorry to rain on a parade, but it's just sad to think that over the years it looks like we have lost focus on what is really important...

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    I totally agree! Many of us have lost focus on what's important.

    This past week, I have spent a lot of time listening to people's stories about how much they've lost as a result of the hurricane that blew through the East Coast recently. I heard some terrible, heartbreaking descriptions of what they've gone through. Yet, I was surprised that many of them were also worried that their kids were missing Halloween and that they're going to have a lean Christmas this year. I hope that as the days go by, they'll become grateful to be alive and have their family and friends around them during this terrible time. Who knows...Maybe after all of this tragedy and loss, some people will actually discover the true meaning of Christmas.

    I'll be very glad to see 2012 come to an end, and I hope for a better 2013.

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    OMG, yeah that storm which hit the Eastern coast of USA really shook me. 2012 was a bit up and down overall really. I hope that everyone does celebrate Christmas to his fullest. Christmas for me is a very touchy event, believe me. I really really feel for all those who are not celebrate Christmas with their families. This is one special event in the year and I believe that everyone should celebrate it with the family but obviously everyone cannot. I feel for the doctors on emergency call, nurses, hospitals' staff, cops, etc......

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    Christmas is the day which is celebrated not only by Christians but also by every people of every religion. It is celebrated with lots of fun & enthusiasm. I love to do shopping on Christmas for others. On Christmas I like to celebrate it with full enjoy with my whole family & friends. We have a small get together on Christmas & through a party in which we wear santa claus cap, exchange gifts, cards, dance, play & have lots of fun whole day.
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