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    I love eating and don't believe in depriving myself of any food as long as I consume them in moderation, but I balance it out with Yoga. I'm into Bikram and Vinyasa and it's a really good, intense form of workout for me that gives me a clear mind and puts me in a good mood after. Also, one other trick I learned from a friend is to purchase a really good (meaning pricey) pair of yoga pants or outfit for exercise so you'll want to make the most of what you paid for -- meaning you'll use it more and more for exercise or other things. It's proven effective for me so far.

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    enough sleep and not stay up

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    An individual should know how to discipline herself in terms of food and daily activities to achieve a good health. Eat the right amount and have a balance diet. A healthy type of living will contribute a lot in maintaining a good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayavarshani View Post
    How to maintain a good health in this busy and modern world? I am doing regular exercise. What about you guys?
    And its absolutely right !!
    About me: I take water everywhere I go, I get plenty of sleep, I do home exercise with elliptical and swim in pool, eat healthy foods: oatmeal with fruit, tuna, egg whites, any fruits and veggies, salmon (any fish), skinless chicken, lean beef. I'm drink coffee at the morning, drink wine at the evening, love life and my family always

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    In addition to regular exercises (for which it is not necessary to go to the gym), it is very important to eat healthy food. I think this is even more important than exercises, because from this and it's worth starting.


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