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    Hi! I usually use app for steps count, hours of sleep count and for measuring heart rate! To be honest, have never used an app for defining serious diseases, but not so long ago have discovered a great article about augmented reality in healthcare! Sharing the link with you

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    There are a lot of apps that do these basic tasks for everyone but would be actually interesting to find one that is directed toward chronic illnesses. I mean maybe they are out there, I just don't know personally about them, I'd be quite shocked if there wasn't one with all the advancements that are being made in the medical technology world. Just this morning I've read something about FHIR integration, never heard of it until now but it seemed intriguing, I'm gonna dive more into it and see how it's used.
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    There are many healthcare apps available in the market. These apps help doctors, patients, and hospital staff to solve their problems. Here are some famous apps.

    1. Mayo Clinic
    2. Cleveland Clinic Express Care
    3. MyMethodist
    4. MyNM by Northwestern Medicine
    5. Cedars-Sinai

    You can read this blog to know more about hospital apps

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    Quote Originally Posted by timber View Post
    Try Lifesum
    it helped me very much


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