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    You might want to send free cold coffee drinks to a social media influencer. And if you do, I'm sure you will have a free advertisement too.

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    TV commercials rarely work for small companies. The commercials usually come out looking unprofessional. Do you have a local University near you? If you do reach out to their art department. You can offer your wall space to young artists. I have done this and it can help increase sales. I did not sell the art of have prices on them. Just a wee blurb at the entrance with the artists bio and contact info. Friends and family would come by to see their art and end up buying coffee. Another thing I have done in the past is drop by the local radio station. Bring a boat load of people love free treats! First time I did this was in Biloxi. I called and askes how many people were at the station. They said 20. I brought enough desserts and coffee to feed 30. Lol. They lied thinking they would get more...there was only 10 people there. That place had 4 shows running at the same time. They had me talk on all 4 shows! Oh well...hope this helps.
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    I can help you with an advise, try to spend more time on marketing. Digital marketing, social media marketing, even search engine organization marketing will be a good thing for you. Business is not only about business itself, it's about dealing with other people, other companies and services! For example, when I was promoting my website about karate, I was working with a good SEO company. They’ve recommended me to read this google analytics data import article. This has divided my career in two distinct parts, before and after. After reading and understanding this, I have even deleted my Instagram page and created another one but respecting and comparing data with this article. This helped a lot.
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    Google and Yelp are often used to find locations, you should have good business pages on both those sites.

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    I see that no one on here mentioned SEO marketing and I can't figure out why. It's something that works for any type of brand and sites. The thing is that it doesn't apply just to the really advanced business on the market, as one may think, it's actually directed to a whole larger audience. In most cases it's not recommended to do SEO by yourself, so it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or not, cause as long as you are not a marketing specialist it's better to work with SEO companies. I'm also an online business owner and I started it all from scratch, I had to learn everything by myslef, but I didn't turn away from anything that seemed hard at first. I've been working with this SEO company for a while now and I'm super impressed with the good impact it had on my site.
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    I've read OT's post and found that he's new with advertising and stuff. SEO marketing works only if you have your own website or page already somewhere like in facebook etc. OT may want to put his business on facebook because marketing is really in there. But learning SEO marketing needs time and patience before you fully understand it, so if OT will consider the idea, he can as well hire a manager that will handle his SEO for him.


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