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    You might want to send free cold coffee drinks to a social media influencer. And if you do, I'm sure you will have a free advertisement too.

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    TV commercials rarely work for small companies. The commercials usually come out looking unprofessional. Do you have a local University near you? If you do reach out to their art department. You can offer your wall space to young artists. I have done this and it can help increase sales. I did not sell the art of have prices on them. Just a wee blurb at the entrance with the artists bio and contact info. Friends and family would come by to see their art and end up buying coffee. Another thing I have done in the past is drop by the local radio station. Bring a boat load of people love free treats! First time I did this was in Biloxi. I called and askes how many people were at the station. They said 20. I brought enough desserts and coffee to feed 30. Lol. They lied thinking they would get more...there was only 10 people there. That place had 4 shows running at the same time. They had me talk on all 4 shows! Oh well...hope this helps.
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