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    Palm Leaf Plates

    Anyone know that now the quality coffee cups and Palm Leaf Plates are made with Palm Leaves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amithu View Post
    Anyone know that now the quality coffee cups and Palm Leaf Plates are made with Palm Leaves?

    Below is the explanation about this from "Palm Leaf Plates" company in New Zealand.

    "We are proud to bring you our range of natural, sustainable plates and bowls, made from the fallen leaves of the areca palm tree.
    These 100% biodegradable plates and bowls are durable, lightweight and require minimal processing from tree to table: the fallen palm leaf is gathered, washed in spring water, then heat-pressed into shape (this also sterilises the leaf) — no chemicals, waxes, dyes or additives are used!
    Palm Leaf Plates are a stylish and unique alternative to other disposable tableware on the market. They are stronger and more natural than corn starch, sugar cane, paper & bamboo plates, and they won’t harm our environment.
    This cottage industry provides a source of income for many families in South Asia, making Palm Leaf Plates a responsible decision for your family, their families, and our environment.
    What better way of utilizing nature’s gift of fallen leaves! This is truly nature’s tableware."

    I got tons of banana plants in my coffee farm.
    Perhaps I can use banana leaves to make something useful out of it. like "banana fiber underwear" (few weeks ago, I bought some "bamboo fiber underwear". Not bad. Not bad at all :+), or Banana leaf hat, banana surf board...etc. Maybe not. I do not want to advertise my company or products as "sustainable" or "environmentally friendly"...etc. Too much of meaningless marketing schemes around and I do not be the another one.



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