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    Also, garden lighting consumes a lot of energy. You can choose energy-saving ones, here is a good article on this website.
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    Cool tips.

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    I also just recently found several ways that should help you and that helped me (below I will describe them):
    -Don't Over Adjust Your Thermostat.
    -Get Double Paned Windows.
    -Fix Leaking Ductwork.
    -Seal Your Chimney.
    -Add Attic Insulation.
    -Install a Dehumidifier.
    -Use Outdoor Energy in the Summer.
    -Install portable power station and I believe that this is your way and you will be amazed at its validity
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    I throw away all unuseful devices and electronics as microwave, the electric toaster, the electric tea kettle. I saved so much space in my kitchen and my money. But, I'm gonna tell you a secret about how to save so much money on the electric bills. It's easy-peasy. I have found recently a website where you introduce your postcode and see your monthly expenses on the bills. I discovered that I spent twice. That's why due to them I changed and switch to a cheaper tariff.
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    By wearing more warm clothes during winter and turning the heat down it can save on the electricity bill.


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