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Thread: It's my dream.

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    It's my dream.

    Hey guys! I'm currently working in a coffee shop and it's been almost 2 years that I'm here. It has always been my dream to have a coffee shop of my own. But, since I do not have a citizenship here, I don't think I could own a coffee shop. How long do you think I would take to get a citizenship here? I do not have any criminal records and I currently own the citizenship of Geneva. Hence, how far do you think I can go with the citizenship? I've however, heard of this express entry immigration. Do you think there's any chance for me to get through it? I really want to settle down here in Canada and own a coffee shop of my own. Please do advice me as to what I could do to reach my dreams sooner.

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    I think it will take you around 3yrs at least by the "normal" route to get your new citizenship. That's what it took for my brother in law here.

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    Yeah, few more years and you might get a citizenship. you should be patient while waiting for years. Time will past by so fast. Here in Panama, requirement is 4-5 years I think, and it's a bit strict here there are background checks. Good luck to you and I hope you accomplish your dream. I had a dream too when I was young and that's to become a publishers but I guess it will take a lot of work.
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    Where did you get the notion that owning a business in this country requires you to become a citizen?

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    Not sure about Canada but you don't even have to be a resident to own a business in the US. Getting business loans may be another issue. Best of luck.



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