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Thread: Risk Management

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    Risk Management

    My brother had a minor accident while stacking supplies in the warehouse where he works. He had minor cuts and bruises also eye irritation from dust. This incident prompted their director to implement risk management in their organization. I work in an ISO certified company and we implement risk management in our organization. By determining the level of risk associated with the hazard we can decide what precautions or control measures is required. To those who can relate what are your methods and procedures in developing risk assessment? We also want to improve our efficiency in monitoring our established risk control plans.

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    I hope this one helps....

    • Use a what-if analysis to identify threats and hazards.
      What-if questions are asked about what could go wrong
      and about what would happen if things do go wrong. This
      type of analysis is a brainstorming activity and is carried
      out by people who have knowledge about the areas,
      operations, and processes that may be exposed to
      hazardous events and conditions.
    • Use a checklist of known threats and hazards to identify
      your threats and hazards. The value of this type of analysis
      depends upon the quality of the checklist and the
      experience of the user.

    • Use a combination of checklists and what-if analysis to
      identify your threats and hazards. Checklists are used to
      ensure that all relevant what-if questions are asked and
      discussed, and to encourage a creative approach to
      risk assessment.

    • Use a hazard and operability study (HAZOP) to identify your
      threats and hazards. If you need to do a thorough analysis,
      this method is for you. However, it requires strong leadership
      and is costly and time consuming. It also assumes that you
      have a very knowledgeable interdisciplinary team available to
      you, one with detailed knowledge about the areas, operations,
      and processes that may be exposed to hazardous events and

    • Use a failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) to identify
      potential failures and to figure out what effect failures would
      have. This method begins by selecting a system for analysis
      and then looks at each element within the system. It then tries
      to predict what would happen to the system as a whole when
      each element fails. This method is often used to predict
      hardware failures and is best suited for this purpose.

    • Use a fault tree analysis (FTA) to identify all the things that
      could potentially cause a hazardous event. It starts with a
      particular type of hazardous event and then tries to identify
      every possible cause.

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    Thanks. it is just a pity that the measures being taken is a corrective one rather than preventive. I do not want to emphasize on the weakness but risk management is one of the important pillars of a management system, especially if the operational procedure actually involves the workforce itself. Our company has various systems being implemented such as audit, quality management system and ERM software. This requires a lot of work but I think it is worth all the extra effort



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