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    Off Topic: Recommendations for Software Application

    Iím helping my friend who is working in one of the best coffee shops in Cali, she is one of the general manager and she needs help in managing bills of their branches. Discrepancies in bill frequency makes it difficult for her to manage their utilities across their multiple branches. I advised her to obtain a tool that can help them with the management of their utilities because Iím pretty sure there is a system that can assist them in combining their expense processing and analysis. Something that can offer service management across an array of complex payables of their entire company. Problem is I donít know where to get hold of this kind of system. Is this something that needs the expertise of I.T. personnel or this is readily available for purchase? Would appreciate your recommendations guys. Thanks in advance.

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    Any accounting package that handles multi-tenant/location should do the job fine..... Quickbooks Enterprise may work for you. But get with your accountant... they should be able to guide you.

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    Hi. Try reading about data management, it might help. And check online as well what software about data management is available.



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